Should I Upgrade my iPhone to the Latest Operating System?

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Should I Upgrade my iPhone to the Latest Operating System?

I have to admit that I rarely keep up with the upgrades to my iPhone’s operating system. I’m always afraid that something will happen and I’ll lose the thousands of pictures I have stored on there, or my calendar information or one of the many other things that help my phone make my life easier. Lately though it seems like there were several new updates all in a row and now I’m nervous about NOT updating the iOS. What if I’m now vulnerable to other problems or hackers or something awful? I don’t think I could survive without my phone!

Since my phone is always either in my hand or pretty close by I firmly believe in keeping insurance protection on it so I’ve always kept the Asurion plan current through AT&T. Well I only just recently realized that along with that protection I get the  Asurion Premier Support that provides me with unlimited expert tech support. No matter who your carrier is you can download the app and get one click technical support for all sorts of issues – from setup, to troubleshooting, to explaining features of your mobile device and so much more.

With the app on my iPhone I was able to get on the line with a knowledgeable expert with one click!  I talked with Anthony about my concerns in updating the iOS on my iPhone and he assured me that updated don’t affect any of the content on my phone like my pictures, videos and other information. Instead, he informed me that I really should keep the operating system current on my phone (even if I’m not experiencing any problems) because the updates fix known bugs and glitches, and it keeps me current with all the latest features. Plus I learned that not updating can cause delays in searches, messages and other features.

Anthony walked me through getting my phone updated to the current iOS version and even called me back 20 minutes later to make sure the process went well. I was very impressed with the service I received and I’m happy to know that I can call back anytime with any other issues I might run into on my mobile devices.

Asurion partners with all the country’s leading wireless providers so, like me, you may already have Premier Support and not even know it. You can get more information about your plan’s benefits and how to get free technical support at one of these sites:

Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection

AT&T’s Pro Tech Support

Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection



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