Shopping for Christmas Ornaments at Hallmark

Shopping for Christmas Ornaments at Hallmark

Every year since the kids were babies we’ve made it a tradition to pick out one special Christmas ornament or decoration each year. When the holiday season rolls around we get together as a family and decorate the tree and the house and we enjoy bringing out each of the previous years’ picks and the memories that they bring back. This year I took my two girls with me to our favorite Hallmark Gold Crown store at the mall and had a girls day out.

The girls and I found lots of beautiful ornaments and Christmas decorations at Hallmark but they were especially drawn to these Peanuts Gang Christmas Light Show figures. I didn’t realize until this super helpful salesperson explained to us that the five figures connect wirelessly to perform a synchronized light show. The girls both agreed that we should start with the Woodstock Christmas tree figure and come back for Snoopy when he’s available on November 27th.

Shopping for Christmas Ornaments at Hallmark

Both girls also insisted that we get something for each of the three brothers while we were there and they just fell in love with the Itty Bittys so they picked out Lucy, R2D2, Batman and Darth Vader.  Although I had to get my girls out the store before they decided that we needed one of everything, I’m planning to head back to Hallmark soon to pick up some Christmas cards. From November 21st through 29th they’re having the Thanksgiving Tote Event where you can get 20% off everything you can fit inside a specially priced $9.95 tote so that’s when I’ll be making my next trip.


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  1. Love the Peanuts Christmas light show! Looks like I’m going to be making a visit to Hallmark!

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