Shopping for Cheap Gas and Healthy Snacks

So one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to lose six pounds before the Blissdom conference next month, but somehow since I made that resolution I’ve actually gained two pounds!  My problem is not meals so much because I plan out healthy meals in advance for the family.  My problem is with snacks!  I’m too busy to eat very much during the day so I’m usually starving by suppertime.  I’ll get full with dinner then start snacking for the rest of the evening and lose all track of calories.

I seem to gain and lose the same 6 to 8 pounds over and over and I know myself well enough to know that if I try and deprive myself of chocolate, or the occasional yummy snack, I’ll never stick to any diet.  Sooooo – this year is all about portion control!  My plan is to eat three small balanced meals (including the occasional meal bar or shake) plus a couple of snacks each day.

Now instead of starving then splurging I’m going to eat my snacks but try to select healthier options and keep a close eye on the fat, calories, and number of servings per package.  For example, I’m a big fan of Hot Fries, but I’d never really paid attention before to see that there are actually three servings in this bag!  The good news is that they were so warm it really turned out to be more like four servings, plus they’re baked not fried like my favorite potato chips so a small serving is a good substitute.

Hubby and I were out running errands the other night and we stopped in at our favorite Murphy USA gas station for some cheap gas and I wanted to check out the snack selection.  The prices were reasonable and the selection was actually pretty good considering its one of the Express locations where you pay at the window and the snacks are arranged outside leading up to the window.

I was hoping for fruit but since they don’t really have shelves I’m sure that was too much to ask.  I bought Fig Newtons instead and we split the cookies even though the package said it was one serving.  They were filling and hit the spot so I was proud of that substitute for a fatty snack.  I bought some cheddar crackers for hubby and some miniature Oreo and Nutter Butter cookies for me.  The price was great at two for $1.39 and with three servings each they’ll actually last me awhile.

They did have a good selection of fruit and vegetable juices, however I opted for the water instead.  Other choices I considered were cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.  While not necessarily health foods, I think these are much healthier choices than my previous cinnamon roll, candy bar and potato chip selections.

This experience has been part of a study with Murphy USA. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Great tips! I’d suggest incorporating more fiber with your carbs and watching sugar consumption overall. Its really easy to gain weight from liquid sugar drinks such as juice.

    I’ve lost 37 pounds in the past 4 months solely by getting rid of the ’empty carbs’, such as white bread. I only eat nature’s own double fiber bread, barilla whole grain pasta (6g fiber), flat out flip it’s breads (the one with flax, 7g). the only carbs i consume have 5+grams of fiber per serving (or more!). when you eat fiber, you digest ‘carbs’ slower, so it doesnt spike your blood sugar and tell your body to store it as fat. i still eat pasta every single day as well! (I love meatballs + spaghetti)

    i found some tortilla in the mexican / herb aisle at our publix on 9mile/university yesterday that has 12g of fiber!!! gonna make egg wraps in the morning 🙂

    Thanks for this post!

  2. Wow Amanda! That’s awesome – 37 pounds is fabulous 🙂 Thanks so much for the great tips! Sugar is definitely my problem 🙁 I’m gonna do exactly what you said and really start paying attention to my fiber intake!

  3. Same! I absolutely love Cheesecake so you can only imagine how hard it is for me to pass the Publix bakery and *not* buy a slice of it, because for me its like a boulder, once you get me started I cant stop, lol!

    I love those Hot Fries too! They use to have them at Big Lots some years ago and I would stock up periodically. I love anything spicy 🙂

    Good luck Denise! Hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend.

  4. Great Info! I love these snacks.

  5. What I’m trying to get rid of starting this year is my junk food intake. If there are people who have sweet tooth, then I must be “salty tooth”. I love chips! But what I’m doing now is slowly decreasing the number of bags of chips I grab when shopping and increase fruits and vegetables. Good luck to me!

  6. I have the same problem Denise! I have been stuck at the same weight forever and I gain and lose the same 5lbs again and again usually during the holidays. And I agree with a PP, if there is cheesecake involved, I cant resist.

    Thanks for the tips on better, healthier snacks to get!

  7. Omg! Cheesecake! Another favorite 🙂 Well let’s see what we can do to kick our 5 to 6 pounds to the curb!

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