Share a Cup & a Story With a Veteran

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Folger Coffee Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

Share a Cup & a Story With a Veteran

My dad is retired Air Force so my family moved around a lot when we were kids – from base to base or to the next duty station. It was hard to move every couple of years but it was also good for us in a lot of ways.  It helped us learn to make friends quickly and to acclimate to different environments and cultures. Three of my siblings have also served in the military (one brother in the Air Force, one in the Navy and my sister served in the Army Reserves) and I currently work for the Navy on one of our local bases and absolutely love my job.

Share a Cup & a Story With a Veteran

I’m proud to be from a military family and I have a huge respect for all those who have served so Veteran’s Day is very special to me. I’m glad to see all the discounts and special deals and free meals for Veterans centered around the holiday, but honestly I feel like we should be thanking them more often – not just on one special day out of the year. When I heard about Folgers and Walmart’s “Share a Cup & a Story” program I was very excited to participate and I realized that although the military has been a huge part of my life and upbringing, we never really talked much about what my dad actually did during his service and his experiences in the Air Force.

When I asked if he’d care to chat with me about his experience in the service he was very happy to tell me his stories. We brewed a pot of Folgers coffee, sat down at the table and I asked my dad questions about his time in the military. It was wonderful to watch him open up and share his memories. I learned things about him that I never knew and we were having such a good time chatting that my oldest son came over and got involved as well. He’s taking a civics course in the 7th grade and had some very good questions of his own to ask. It was such a great feeling to watch the two of them conversing and my son very much enjoyed learning about his Papaw’s history.

My dad spent 8 months in Vietnam and I knew that he worked in electrical power production so I never really thought of him as being in combat. However, he was in charge of helping supply electrical power to many of the outlying camps so he was constantly flying in and out of combat zones on helicopters. During our talk he told me that he hadn’t really intended on making a career out of the military when he signed up but he ended up staying in for over 20 years and greatly enjoyed his service.

Dad was nineteen years old when he went into the Air Force, he says he went in as a boy and came out a man and he’s proud of the skills, traits and habits he developed in the military. He was stationed in many different places including Okinawa, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Nebraska, California, Florida, Alaska, North Carolina and Alabama. He tells me that his only regret was that he never got to see Europe while in the military and he always wanted to go there.

Share a Cup & a Story With a Veteran

I’m so thrilled to have been able to show my gratitude to my favorite Veteran and I hope the Folgers and Walmart Share a Cup & a Story program will inspire YOU to go above and beyond the customary thank you by engaging with Veterans in your life or local community. Head to the coffee aisle at Walmart and grab some Folgers coffee so you can share a cup and a story! #sharefolgers #veteransday



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