Seasonal Shopping – Make the Most of Your Money!

Due to the cyclical nature of retail sales, different things go on sale at different times of the year on a predictable basis.  Much like stockpiling your groceries, where you buy enough of what you need when it’s on sale to tide you over until the next sale, you can really take advantage of seasonal shopping to save some big bucks on your household expenditures!


Winter clothes, shoes, boots, hats, scarves and other seasonal items
Holiday clearance
White sales for bedding, towels and linens
Weight loss and sports equipment


Furniture and household items
Jewelry and chocolate gifts
Computers and electronics
Cookware and dinnerware
Carpeting and floor coverings


Lawn and garden supplies
Frozen Foods (National Frozen Food Month)
Spring clothing, shoes and accessories
Winter sports and recreation equipment


Paint, wallpaper and other DIY home decor
Easter clearance – dresses, accessories, men’s suits and ties
Eggs, baskets, stuffed animals and children’s toys


Automobile maintenance and tires
Household maintenance
Handbags and accessories


Televisions, refrigerators and other large appliances
Summer clothing
Home improvement


Hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments and sodas
Bathing suits and summer clothes
Summer sports equipment
Water toys and swimming pools
Air conditioners and home appliances


White sales for bedding, towels and linens
Summer clothes clearance
Lawn mowers, barbecues, fans and air conditioners on clearance
School supplies


Back to school clothes and supplies
Small appliances, lamps, dishes and rugs
Gardening supplies clearance


Back to school supplies and clothing on clearance
Chocolates and candy
Prices drop on new cars to make way for next years’ models 


Winter clothing, coats, boots and accessories
Electric blankets, quilts and throws
Portable heaters
Baking supplies, turkey, ham and pumpkin


Gift items and toys
Serving dishes, party ware and table cloths
After Christmas and end of year clearance


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  1. That is good information. Thanks So Much.

  2. This is great information! I’m gonna print the list and keep it handy for future use! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Thanks for the information! This will help me a lot.

  4. ;remember to always bring my coupon book into the stores.

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