Scotch Magic Tape Review & Giveaway!

My kids are constantly asking for a piece of tape for so many different reasons – to fix their homework pages, to hang their artwork all over the walls and doors, to repair the dollar bills they were just fighting over, and even on occasion to hold their socks up or tape their mouths shut.  Since they don’t understand restraint and I can’t stand for them to waste it, I am the keeper of the tape and I feel like I’m forever saying “not too much please”!  When Scotch recently sent me several of their products to review I was thrilled to receive the Scotch Pop-Up Tape Refillable Deskgrip dispenser because it is filled with pre-cut strips of tape that are already the perfect length so they can grab it themselves and I don’t have to worry about them taking too much.  Plus the rubber bottom grips the table when you pull a strip out so you only need one hand, but the dispenser easily glides along the table when you need to move it from kid to kid or remove it to put away when activity time is over.

I was also super happy to get to try out the new Scotch Magic Greener Tape, which is made from over 75% recycled or plant based materials, and comes in a refillable dispenser.  It doesn’t appear to look, feel or stick any differently than the regular kind of Scotch Magic Tape, but I feel much better about the copious amounts of tape my kids like to use knowing that it is so much “greener”.

Of course Scotch Magic Tape has always been my favorite brand for wrapping gifts and other household needs because other brands just don’t really compare in my opinion.  So that’s my excuse for keeping the Scotch Magic Tape One-Handed Dispenser they sent me all to myself – I love it so much that I’m going to have to refuse to share!  (shhhhhhhhh – don’t tell the kids that I have it!)  The dispenser is refillable and works by simply rolling it across the object or paper that you want to apply tape to, then use the green button to cut the tape.  Easy breezy – and so much better than trying to hold wrapping paper in place with one hand while you struggle to cut off the appropriate size piece of tape with your other hand!

The nice people at Scotch would also like to give one lucky reader a prize package of goodies just like the one they sent me that includes a Scotch Pop-Up Tape Refillable Deskgrip dispenser, the new Scotch Magic Greener Tape, and a Scotch Magic Tape One-Handed Dispenser.  All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this post and click “I did this” in the form below!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Scotch and received Scotch Magic Tape products to facilitate my review, Scotch Magic Tape products to give away, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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  1. the best tape around

  2. Love me some scotch tape!!!!

  3. Scotch tape is THE best!!!

  4. I adore scotch tape. The best Scotch is Packing Tape. I put pictures on the wall in my classroom and it last for months.

  5. Scotch tape is the best. I sometimes, especially during Christmas, will pick up those packs of tape that claim “a value”. Shortly after starting wrapping I pitch that “value” pack in the garbage, and go to my desk and get my Scotch tape!!! I really don’t know why I do that, because the price is not much different for the quality I get:)


  6. Melissa Lawler says

    I do love Scotch Tape. It’s the only tape we buy!

  7. april yedinak says

    I love double stick scotch tape- the best stuff ever!

  8. luci jackson says

    I like the pop-up tape, it is easier and quicker to use.

  9. I’d LOVE the pop-up tape – gonna go get some today for my grandkids. Thanks for the review.

  10. I really like magic green schotch tape, My son loves to tape and tape cars and other toys together – fun fun – I would love to win this.

  11. Joan Wilson says

    I love scotch tape…I have 4 grandkids and we are always doing some type of craft…plus all the birthday package and christmas packages…lol

  12. I love Scotch tape and I use it almost every day


  13. We have been going through a lot of Scotch tape recently (since school started) taping the BoxTops for Education on three kids collection sheets!

  14. Wow, greener tape? That’s awesome!

  15. We use a lot of Scotch Tape in this house, and I would love to have the Scotch Pop-Up Tape Refillable Deskgrip dispenser.. I bet that is a handy item! im sure it would be used several times a day, everyday!
    We love Scotch brand products!

  16. I’d love to try the greener tape!

  17. Love all their products – the magic tape is the best!

  18. Allison Greene says

    I would love to try their one handed dispenser. It sounds so easy to use!

  19. I love Scotch Tape!! It’s a necessity at our house–five kids!

  20. Shannon Gallagher says

    I love Scotch Tape!! 🙂

  21. I’d like to try the pop up tape.

  22. I have always used scotch brand tape! LOVE IT!

  23. The pop up tape would be a life saver here!

  24. Love Scotch tape-use it all the time thanks

  25. We use scotch tape all of the time!

  26. I love scotch packing tape used it to hang all of the art and class back to school decorations in my class room. With 48 preschoolers we go through a lot of tape.

  27. jessica corr says

    I love scotch tape, the desk pop ups are super convenient!

  28. I love Scotch tape because it really does hold and work great!

  29. i love it cause its reliable, especially when shipping envelopes in the mail.

  30. I love Scotch Tape!
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  31. I use scotch tape to wrap all my gifts and in my office

  32. I love scotch tape!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity

    trisha71478 at

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