Savvy Saving Book Review and Giveaway!

My friend Melissa and her blog partner Shelley from Stockpiling Moms have written their first book, Savvy Saving: Couponing Secrets from the Stockpiling Moms” and I’m thrilled to be able to share the news with you!

You’ll find expert coupon strategies, menu planning, and other household management skills, and the Stockpiling Moms’ best-loved tips and tricks in addition to all six of their classes in the book. You can pre-order the “Savvy Saving: Couponing Secrets from the Stockpiling Moms” book now from Amazon for the pre-sale price of only $9.49 (regularly $11.99) and be among the first to get it when the book is released on January 10, 2012.

The authors of the award-winning blog “Stockpiling Moms,” Melissa and Shelley know what it takes to live a savvy lifestyle within a budget and are now sharing their best tips and strategies in their book, Savvy Saving. Their new book describes expert coupon strategies, menu planning, and other household management skills.

My favorite sections are the ones where they talk about shopping with kids, give you tips on how they earn on average an extra $75 a month using rebates, and of course I love their tips and suggestions on organizing coupons.  I also very much enjoyed learning a little more about the story of how the authors met and decided to start a blog together!

“Like saving money? Working to stretch your budget?” Melissa Jennings asks. “Since 2009, Shelly and I have blogged at, making it our mission to save money for our families and helping others do the same.”

Readers will learn from the collective expertise of Jennings and King as they share tips for frugal living and teach how to build a stockpile and how to live a debt-free life.  “Around the new year, everyone wants to start saving money and eating healthy, but few ever do,” says Jennings. “Our book has tips and tricks that can really help people achieve their goals.”

Whether you are a coupon newbie or a seasoned couponer, you will find great tips on how to save even more in “Savvy Saving: Couponing Secrets from the Stockpiling Moms”! Visit or for more information.

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of the “Savvy Saving: Couponing Secrets from the Stockpiling Moms” book just do any or all of the entry methods listed in the form below – the more entry methods you do the better your chance of winning!  Good luck and good stockpiling!  This giveaway will end at midnight on Tuesday, January 10th, the winner will be randomly drawn and announced the next day.

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  1. Angela Doiron says

    I would like to learn more about coupon organization with binders and baseball card holders.

  2. Vickie Bouzerrara says

    I like to save money thru coupons. And I would love to win a copy of the book.

  3. I am new to it all would like to learn anything I can to save my family money.

  4. I am a mom of a special needs child. I spend my life taking care of her and am not able to go to work. While I do try to doing classes for school she seems to take up much of my time. I would love to learn ways to save and what to do. I just started couponing and it is all a bit confusing to me. I would also like to get a good stock pile for my family. Anything that I can save will help my spouse in taking some of the burden off of him. Happy couponing everyone and Good Luck.

  5. I would LOVE to learn more about couponing and how to save on my grocery bills!! I’d love to win a copy of this book!

  6. Susan Bryant says

    I try to save money using coupons & stockpiling, but could definitely use this book!!! I need a little more guidance I guess! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I need to save more through stockpiling. Nothing worse than running out of something when it’s not on sale!

  8. I’d like to save more by rebates.

  9. I am new to your page but love it. love the toolbar and giveaways.

  10. I would love to learn more about the binder method for organizing coupons. Also, I would like to learn more about stockpile storage techniques.

  11. I like to stock up manufacturer and store coupons to get bigger savings.

  12. I’d like to save money through couponing…need to start saving for my 15 month old twins

  13. Kevin Brubaker says

    I currently use the binder method to organize coupons and any extra help would be great to save more.

  14. Would like to better understand how to save $ & start stockpiling (at least a small one) with coupons to give us some wiggle room in our budget.

  15. I like to save through couponing and small stockpiling. Once I have my stockpiling I do not need to shop as often.

  16. I use coupons, but could use more help on how to maximize my savings.

  17. Stockpiling Moms was one of the first blogs I followed when I started couponing!! I need/want to get back into couponing more seriously!!

  18. Brittany Gerber says

    I’m still very new to this. I would love any new information!

  19. Sam Maxwell says

    I would like to learn how to save money in any and every way possible!!! Also I would LOVE winning your cuponin guide book!

  20. I would like to learn how to start stockpiling and the best way to use coupons.

  21. I wait for a sale to use coupons to get bigger saving.

  22. I would love to share this with my sister…we both find ourselves needing to tighten thing up drastically. Many thanks!

  23. oh, my best savings tip…but in bulk and split costs/items with friend(s).

  24. Kimberly K. says

    I have a small stockpile that I started a couple of months ago. Right now it is mainly 26 liquid hand soaps, 9 liquid laundry detergents, and a few other things that I got for free or nearly free at CVS’s Black Friday sale. I do use coupons, but would like to be better at organizing and at getting multiples of the coupons.

  25. I would like to learn more about organizing and how to create an efficient stockpile when you have limited storage in your home.

  26. Michele Behlen says

    I need to get more organized so that I don’t leave the coupons home. I have gotten better about planning my meals and making a list. Now I need to factor in the time to do the coupon matchups. That would be alot easier if I find an organized way that works for me.

  27. Being a snowbird…summer in Boston and winter on Florida’s gulf coast, I’ve had to learn to stockpile differently. Any tips on how to watch expiration dates effectively and fairly easily would be greatly appreciated.

  28. I save money by stockpiling when I see a good deal. I started a price book a couple of years ago so I know the drop dead lowest price per item I have found. And if I can a find a great deal (like I did earlier this year, green cans of parmesan) I bought 13!

  29. I would love to learn more about couponing, organization binders & stockpiling to help feed a family of 5! I’m just fabagasted on all the rules & thangs! Help! Single mom doing her best with all the available resources, and your site is DEF one of them!…….be blessed.

  30. wendy wallach says

    i would love to save more through coupons

    madamerkf at aol dot com


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