Saving Snack Time With Milk Unleashed!

Does your family drink enough milk? We know that milk is an important part of our diet, but it can be very hard to get enough of it given our super busy schedules these days. It often feels like we’re living in the car because we spend so much time driving the kids around to all of their activities, but that makes it difficult to be sure they’re getting the nutrition that they need. We try very hard to keep the fast food to a minimum and juice boxes and sodas just aren’t the best choices, even though they’re convenient.

I’m happy that my five kiddos actually prefer milk or water to juice and sodas most of the time anyway, so I’m thrilled that we now have the option of shelf safe milk in a box that we can take anywhere with us! Since one of my five actually refuses to drink anything BUT milk, shelf safe milk is a lifesaver for us for school snacks also. My kids get breakfast and lunch at school and for the most part they really enjoy the food, but the cafeteria kitchen is closed for snack time so they can’t buy milk then, their only options are to either bring a snack from home or eat out of the vending machines. Besides not being the healthiest choice, a bag of chips and a soda from the machines actually costs about the same or more than the hot well-rounded meal they’re provided for lunch.

In order to make sure the kids will actually eat what we send to school for them, we let them choose and pack their own snacks. We’ve setup a snack cabinet in the kitchen where we keep a variety of snacks in individual packages like peanut butter crackers, fruit roll-ups, and granola bars plus an assortment of drinks like water, lemonade and shelf stable milk. The kids make it a habit to pack their own school snacks before they go to bed each night and I think it’s terrific that they’re learning to make good food choices on their own.

Check out the Milk Unleashed website to get more information on the nutritional facts about milk and more information on the different brands of shelf safe milk available and where you can find them. Plus you’ll also find great promotions and contests when you visit the site or follow Milk Unleashed on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I’m with you on Loving the shelf safe milk! I prefer milk to any other drink and this is sooo convient to take along with me on road trips. Thanks for letting others know about this!

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