Save Big on a Huge Variety of Designer Checks

You can buy checks from your bank but they usually have a limited number of designs to choose from and they always cost more than you need to pay.  When you buy your checks from the bank they’re basically hiring another company to print them for you and the bank gets a cut of the money you pay for acting as the go between.  Buying your checks directly from the printer can save you lots of cash, they’re perfectly legal to use for any financial institution, and you also get so many more design options (like these adorable Tinkerbell checks).  I always get my checks from Checks Unlimited and I highly recommend them!  They’re fast and they have terrific offers – even for return customers.  Right now you can get a 4th box of checks free when you buy three boxes and use promo code NY57, plus you’ll also get free custom lettering and free upgrade to special edition checks.


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