Save 10-15¢ a Gallon at Murphy USA

Many people depend on their cars to get to work or school, run errands and to take their kids to all the places they need to go. We sometimes feel like we live in the car because our house is pretty far away from everything. That means we spend a large part our monthly budget on gas for the car so I’m always excited to learn about new ways to save in that department.

We love our local Murphy USA gas stations because they tend to have the best prices in town and they’ll even help you figure out what the best prices are near you and how to get to the closest gas station with their smartphone app. In addition to the cheapest gas around, we’ve also enjoyed getting 3¢ a gallon back on our gas purchases just for using our Walmart credit card, and I’m thrilled to let you know that through December 24th you can save even more!

When you purchase gas at any participating Murphy USA location using a Walmart gift card for payment at the pump you will get a discount of 10¢ per gallon. If you pay with a Walmart MoneyCard or a Walmart credit card you’ll save 15¢ a gallon! The cards that are valid for this program include:

  • Reloadable Walmart Gift Cards will receive a ten cent/gallon discount
  • Walmart Credit Cards and Walmart Discover Credit Cards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount
  • Reloadable Walmart MoneyCards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount
  • Walmart Pay Cards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount
  • Walmart Green Dot Cards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount

Some states have laws against discounting gasoline, including Alabama, Florida, Minnesota and Oklahoma so stores in those areas may not be participating or may have different requirements. I live on the state line between Alabama and Florida and have favorite Murphy USA stores in both states so I will receive my discount in the form of a rebate on my credit card statement instead of as a discount at the pump. That actually works just fine for me because I’m able to see the savings add up and I figure that we’ll save enough through the end of the program to pay for another tank of gas! Check here to see the breakdown of discounts in different states.

Disclosure – This is a sponsored post on behalf of Murphy USA however I am also a very happy customer and all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


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