Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest

Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest

Tops links electronic coupons to BonusCards

Buffalo News
Tops has partnered with several coupon providers, such as AOL Shortcuts, and, to aggregate online coupons and, using technology developed by commerce network Inmar, has created Click-to-Card coupons. Using the new …

Discount coupon books, at a discount
MSN Money
Before there was Groupon, there were discount coupon books: national and regional publications full of dollars-off deals for food, entertainment and more. The “more” part might surprise you. The price might, too, at this time of the year. I just paid

Coupon Corner: Use coupons; don’t abuse them
Winston-Salem Journal
Coupons are a fun, easy way to save money. But some people are couponing in illegal and unethical ways – and this is costly to all couponers. Coupon fraud is the act of using a coupon inappropriately. This might mean using a coupon on an item that is

Learning From My Elders: How to Use Online Coupons
Huffington Post
I come from a family of cheap — I mean frugal — coupon clippers. We’d shop around half a dozen stores every week, me festooned with a mitt-full of coupons to bust those per-person limits on butter, microwave dinners and bottles of Coke. I was

The $40 Million Counterfeit Coupon Caper
Talk about extreme couponing! Three women in Arizona were arrested recently for selling counterfeit coupons—a lot of counterfeit coupons. After an eight-week undercover investigation, police raided three homes in the Phoenix area, seized $40 million

First Protestant Church volunteers clipping coupons for troops
Herald Zeitung
Volunteers at First Protestant Church have found a way to thank those serving in the military and their families. For volunteers Charlotte and Thomas Dunn, it all begins at the dining room table, where they sit down to cut out the Sunday paper coupons.


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