Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest

Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest

Joe the Coupon Guy tells us how to save money on our last minute Super Bowl buys
Joe the Coupon Guy has some ways for you to save some money on your trip to the store this weekend. First, remember to combine. For instance, CVS has DiGiorno Pizzas on sale buy one get one free this week (through Feb. 4). Combine that with a coupon

20% Off Coupon and Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Featured on
Houston Chronicle recently announced a 20% off site-wide coupon for Valentine’s Day that they are introducing on their new webpage dedicated to coupons. Today they created a special link on the page that will not only activate the 20% off coupon

The Coupon Lady
The Augusta Chronicle
My coupon story begins in 2010. My husband and I had taken a class to “live like no one else” and made the decision to have a goal to become debt-free. At the time we made this decision, I was working two part-time jobs. Things started to look good.

Workshop teaches how to survive the economic crunch
Richmond Register
Noe, a Madison County extension agent for family and consumer sciences, is referring to the popular TV show on TLC that has “changed the coupon world quite a bit,” she said. Having taught her coupon class in eight other counties, Noe heard a lot about 

Jail “rips” coupons to save on inmate meals
That’s why to save a few bucks, or even a few thousand inmates are ripping (not clipping) coupons. “The jail administrator brought it to my attention a few weeks ago,” Sheriff Holder said. “He was looking inside these boxes and there’s a coupon in 

Coupon craze gets too extreme
Statesville Record & Landmark
Sparked by reality television shows and an economy that just doesn’t seem to want to turn around, the so-called “coupon craze” is leading some otherwise honest people to cross the line when it comes to getting their hands on those treasured coupons. Names Top Frugalebrities
“Celebrities may be thought of as living lavish lifestyles but the truth is, like most of us, many stars love a good bargain,” said Jeanette Pavini, Household Savings Expert. “Whether it’s shopping around for a deal, clipping coupons or 


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