Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest

Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest

Coupon Mom: Free razors, free milk and more – Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Target: This week you can get two Schick Hydro 5 razors free at Target by combining store promotions, sale prices and coupons. On sale for $6.49 each, you will get a $5 Target gift card at the register when you buy two razors. If you use two $4 coupons

Police: Kmart cashier misused coupons – Charlotte Observer
ROCK HILL An extreme coupon shopper ended up in jail for using them on the wrong products at a Rock Hill Kmart, police say. Raven Symone Barber, 17, of Rock Hill was convicted of breach of trust for acting as her own cashier during a

Coupon clubs: Clip, swap, save – Yahoo Finance
Whether you’re a coupon queen or you procrastinate at clipping deals out of Sunday’s newspaper, a coupon club might be right for you. At a coupon club, members meet weekly or semimonthly to share money-saving ideas while clipping and swapping coupons. A

The Coupon Corner: Using two coupons for one item – Union Daily Times
I just received a very good question in my email from a local coupon mom who asked, “Can I use a coupon from the paper as well as a coupon attached to a product?” Unfortunately, the answer is no, because both are manufacturer coupons. You are only

CVS/pharmacy Launches Digital “MoneyTrashers” Campaign to Encourage Shoppers to Redeem ExtraBucks Rewards – Yahoo Finance
In addition to the online MoneyTrashers campaign, customers will also see a new look for the ExtraBucks® rewards coupon. The new eye-catching design with larger print is intended to grab customers’ attention so they take notice of their rewards

Coupon obsessives teach how to get extreme –
BOISE, Idaho  — The women sat expectantly as Monica Knight told them she once routinely spent $600 a month on groceries for her family of four. Breaking into a broad smile, Knight says that figure has been reduced to only $100 to $150 a month. And now

Extreme coupon cutters save cash, teach their methods – Fosters Daily Democrat
Devotes of extreme couponing have their own lingo: Peelies – Peel off coupons that are found on product at the grocery store. Blinkies – Coupon machines that are found in the grocery store aisles and have blinking lights to grab the attention of shoppers.

Coupon Queen: The life cycle of a coupon – INFORUM
Question : “What happens to the coupons after I use them at the store? Where do they go?” Answer: I’ve devoted lots of time to the best ways to use coupons, how to match them to sales and how to significantly cut a grocery bill with them. But

Consumers turn to coupons in tough times –
Jeremy Hobson: Supermarkets around the country are responding to the latest threat to their business: extreme couponing. So far, Rite Aid, Krogers, Publix and Target have joined in the crackdown by limiting the number of coupons people can use. For more on

Why Extreme Couponing Won’t Work For You – Yahoo Finance
Extreme couponing requires real commitment and organization. Before you even get to the store you have to start researching in newspapers and scourging online sites such as, RedPlum and the Grocery Game. Once you have cross-referenced your

First Person: My Coupon Clipping Mistakes – YAHOO!
Unfortunately, I don’t always learn the first time I make those mistakes. Learning to use coupons was no different. I made too many mistakes when I first started couponing. Wrong Time – When I first started couponing, I didn’t pay attention to when our

Coupon queen helps millions save at the grocery store – Willows Journal
CHICAGO — Some of the 2,500 people who came to hear Jill Cataldo talk about coupons started lining up four hours before she took the stage at the performing arts center in Charleston, S.C., in March. Cataldo’s sold-out speech was touted as the largest

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