Sarah’s Publix Trip 12/28 – $53.14 for $27.14


Well, I only saved 49% — but I AM learning, Denise!   However, check out my goodies that I got!  Denise’s kids (4 year old quads and 5 year old big brother) will be at our house for the next three days and they BEG for fruit and vegetables.  Publix had strawberries for $2.99/pkg (about $2.00 cheaper than I can get at the commissary), bananas for $.39/lb and cantaloupes 2/$3.00.  Add to that the B1G1 for Juicy Juice and B1G1 for Lays chips and B1G1 for Mini Wheats and I think I was pretty successful!  The bad part is that I ran into a friend that wanted to tell me about her Christmas – my husband was waiting in the car for me — so in trying to get done and out I forgot my hot dogs, B1G1 and Oscar Myer bacon B1G1 and an additional coupon I had.  Oh well, I can get those things on my next run!


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