Sarah’s Office Depot Trip – $59.08 for $9.19

Everybody I know and every household I’m familiar with have both a computer and a printer, which means at the least they use paper and ink for the printer.  I would also assume that most households also use tape, a stapler, paper clips, some mailing envelopes in addition to other office supplies.

Have you considered signing up for Office Depot’s Rewards Club so you can get money back on your purchases?  In addition to getting a percentage back on your purchases, they also send out coupons for $10/$50 or $15/$75, which come in handy.

Yesterday I took advantage of both methods of discounts at Office Depot – my “Rewards” money and one of the coupons.  Here’s a picture of my “Rewards” dollars I’d earned the previous quarter:

I needed a few basic things, so threw these into my cart:

10 pack scotch tape – $15.99

6 pack mailing tape – $14.99

1 box of 100 6×9″ mailing envelopes – $9.99

1 ream white card stock – $13.99

Total of the above, including tax was $59.08

I first used my $10/$50 coupon that had come in the mail, then gave them my $39.14 Rewards card, leaving me with a total of $9.19.  Now, that’s my kind of a shopping trip!

As a side note – did you know that Office Depot will give you $3.00 on your reward’s card for EVERY ink cartridge or toner cartridge that you take in for them to recycle?  I took 4 in with me yesterday, so I’ll be getting an additional $12 on my next quarterly rewards card.


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