Sam’s Club Price List For Comparison

When our quadruplets were born we bought all of our diapers at Sam’s Club and boy did they get a bunch of our money!  We went through so many diapers and wipes, and so much formula that we were forever comparing  the prices per on those items.  Generally speaking you can get much better deals on most grocery and household items by matching sales with coupons at grocery and drug stores than you can at Sam’s where you have to pay for a membership and they don’t take coupons, unless you need to buy stuff in bulk (like we did with the diapers 😉 ) or for “need it now” stuff when you don’t have time to do the matchups. 

Well I’m planning to try my hand at freezer cooking – I’m going to start out by cooking 14 meals twice a month and then work my way up to once a month cooking and I realized that I won’t be able to cherry pick the meat sales when I’m doing the cooking all at once so I decided to create this price list for comparison purposes.  I plan to print the list and stick it in my Coupon Clutch to carry with me so I’ll know at a glance whether I’m getting a deal or not and I wanted to share the list with all of you!  Just click here to see the current prices for common items at Sam’s Club (as listed at the Daphne, Alabama store).  I’ll keep the list updated and will add more items to the list with each trip.


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  1. Wow, I cannot believe no one has commented on this to thank you. This is PRICELESS , as warehouse places like that rarely if ever deviate from the price points.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks so much! I’m actually in the process of compiling my own list comparing prices with Walmart and needed some supplementing. Surprising that two stores owned by the same people have varying prices- Walmart often on the cheaper side!

  3. Thankyou this site is awesome !!

  4. for comparrison, here is a link to the costco prices;

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