Rock’n & Roll’n In a Pair of Heelys!

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a pair of Heelys wheeled shoes and my first thought was that I would LOVE  a pair for myself because they brought back vivid memories of going to the skating rink almost every Friday night when I was a kid.  The problem with that idea is that I’ve had a few anniversaries of my 39th birthday (just a few!) and I’m pretty sure that neither hubby nor the kids would be seen with me gliding through the mall or the grocery store.  Soooo, I gave in and ordered a pair of the Stingray two wheeled shoes for my seven year old son because I figured the Velcro closures would be easy for him to handle, and two wheels would be easier for him to learn to skate with.

Unfortunately, Jacob has inherited my wide feet (thanks a lot grandma!) so I was a little nervous about whether or not they’d actually fit when they got here, but they fit him just fine and he was SO excited when he opened the box and saw his stylin’ new kicks.  He immediately put them on and wanted to try them out in the kitchen, but I talked him into doing some practice maneuvers in the garage.  Here’s a little video of his first time wearing the Heelys – he had a blast even though he ended up on his booty a time or two.


We have since checked out the Heelys Footwear Tricktionary where they have lots of info and videos on “Heeling” and Jacob has gotten much better at it, to the point where it’s hard to get him to take the shoes off!  If only they fit me too!

There may a solution to mommy (and his little brothers) coveting his Heelys though, because they’re having a fabulous back to school sale starting Friday, September 2nd through the 5th where you can buy one pair of Heelys and get a second pair for only $30!  So if you’ve been wanting a pair for yourself or your kids, then this weekend will be your best opportunity to get a great deal on them.  There are lots of styles and colors to choose from, including these pretty pink and black ones that I’ve had my eye on 😉

Disclosure:  I was provided with a pair of Heelys for the purpose of facilitating this review.  I have received no other compensation and all thoughts and comments are my own.


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  1. Sydney Debtson says

    Hi, will I was reading your comment I was debating with the idea of getting one pair of Heelys for my daughter and another one…, yes!,… you got that right,… for myself. I LOVE them and, just like you, they bring back some memorable and exciting images of childhood, and the fun I used to have with my brothers. I think I’ll grab this opportunity to buy both pairs, and embrace a family skating weekend. It will be an opportunity to share with my daughter a fun and healthy quality time. I hope not to end up on my booty to often. But, I’ll report back later on that subject : )
    Anyway, thanks for the tip.
    Sydney Debtson

  2. Awesome! Thanks for writing in Sydney – I’d love to hear how that goes 🙂

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