Review: Moon Dough Ocean Pals

My kids absolutely love Moon Dough and I do too because it never dries out – I cannot tell you how many cans of other kinds of dough I’ve had to throw out because the lids weren’t put back on properly.  Because we love it so much already I wasn’t too excited when I heard that they have a new improved formula, but I’m happy to say that it really is better!  It sticks together better and is less crumbly so the kids play with it longer and I don’t have to worry about digging it out of the carpet.

The Ocean Pals set comes with three push and pop tools (turtle, octopus & coral), one whale half mold, a bag of green Moon Dough, a bag of purple Moon Dough, and a play mat.  The push and pop tools are really neat – you just flatten out some Moon Dough, push the tool into the dough, then out pops your turtle or whatever else you’re making. 

It’s very cool how the coral pieces fit together so you can make lots of pieces of coral and line them up next to each other to make a much larger reef on the themed play mat.  The kids really dig the vivid colors of the Moon Dough and they’ve enjoyed creating sea scenes on top of the matching play mat.  The best part though is that my little artists can build and destroy their creations over and over again – I think they enjoy destroying them almost as much as creating them! 

Moon Dough is recommended for children ages 3 and up, but even my seven year old loves to play with it and insists on bringing it out quite often to play.  Of course my six year old quadruplets refuse to be left out so I also like to keep additional colors on hand and I’m very glad that those are also available for purchase separately. 

Disclosure – I was provided with the Moon Dough Ocean Pals for the purpose of facilitating this review, however I received no other compensation and all thoughts and comments are my own.


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