Project Tutorial: Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags

When my quads started pre-k last week I had visions of buying dozens of boxes of Ziploc bags for their daily snacks (in quadruplicate!) so I started checking all the local stores for some reusable snack bags. I had absolutely no luck locally and then was shocked to find that these simple bags range from about $6 to $12 each online. I wanted something similar to the foldover style baggies with the flap that we used when I was young (if you don’t remember those – don’t tell me about it 😉 ) The kids decided to “help” me with the project so we somehow ended up cutting out a few dozen and we serged up some extras that we gave to all of the kids in the class. I found this rip stop nylon on the bargain fabric table at WalMart for $1.50/yard and you can get enough for 24 bags from one yard of fabric, so they cost six cents each to make.

To make some of your own reusable snack bags just print this pattern, cut out pieces A and B and tape them together at the fold, then cut one piece (or however many you want to make) from a water resistant type of fabric. Use a serger or the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to finish the short straight edge.

Make the flap by folding the short edge over one inch as shown by the “fold line” on the pattern, fold in half at the centerline and serge or zigzag all the way around starting at one corner and ending at the other. These are super quick and easy to make and the kids love them! I’m going to have to keep looking for some more nylon in a “girly” print or color before I make the next round.


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  1. Love this idea, I have been wanting to make some myself but couldn’t find a tutorial easy enough for me lol. I sew but not well!! Anyhow. Thank you for the tutorial! Just need to find some cute fabric at a bargain for the girls 80)

  2. This is an AWESOME idea – and I love the tutorial. Thanks for sharing this, and the timing is perfect as I’m also looking for some for my kids!

  3. Wow I never realized how easy these would be to make! When I have kids I will definitely make some of my own. My problem right now is that I go thru a lot of ziploc to freeze meat, and can’t reuse the bags each time.

  4. We do lots of freezer cooking so I bought a vacuum sealer on eBay and got the rolls that go with it in bulk – works out to much cheaper than Ziplocs and extends the quality of the food for longer. You might want to check into one if you do lots of freezing, they’ve got several models to choose from at WalMart and Target too.

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