Preparing For My Tax Appointment!

This is really my least favorite time of the year – I’ve been doing filing and adding and printing reports and all sorts of other fun stuff to get ready for our annual appointment with our tax preparer.  Years ago I used to do our taxes myself but with the kids, the business, and all the deductions I don’t pretend to know anything about doing a good tax return and we’re better off letting a pro handle our taxes.

Even though I dread all the prep work leading up to getting our taxes done, I really like to get it done early so that we can be one of the first in line for our refund because we usually do get one.  But I always worry that something will go wrong because the last couple years in a row it has!   Two years ago our tax guy accidentally left out a schedule which held up our refund quite awhile, and last year his software printed out ‘see addenda’ for the list of our five children since there were only four lines, but it didn’t include the addenda.

Last year’s slipup caused us to have to wait FOUR MONTHS for our refund!  The people at the IRS were very helpful when I contacted them, unfortunately there wasn’t much they could do to speed up the process, but they did tell me repeatedly that it wouldn’t have happened if we had efiled because the system would catch any missing information and not let the tax forms go through until they’re complete.

It was actually kind of heart breaking to hear how easy it COULD have been to correct the problem, but guess what we’ll be doing this year? Check out this efiling service and even send a free efile tax return of your own.

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post through Team Inexpensively for which I was compensated, however all thoughts and comments are my own.


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