Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Cake Pops

I recently picked up a cake pop maker on the clearance aisle at Walmart and this is my first attempt to make anything with my new toy.  My friend Lynsey at MoscatoMom.com uses her cake pop maker all the time for lots of different things and I borrowed this cinnamon roll idea from her.

All you need is a refrigerated roll of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, I prefer this kind with the cream cheese icing.  You’ll end up with 32 bite sized cake pops and that’s much easier to divide up between our family of 7 than the usual 8 cinnamon rolls.  Plus they only take a few minutes to make and the cleanup is minimal.

Cut each of the cinnamon rolls into four pieces like this.

Next pinch the corners of the pieces up and over the cinnamon chunks to keep them on the inside of the pops as much as possible.

I cooked the first round for four minutes and they turned out just a tiny bit too dark for my taste so I cooked the rest for just three minutes and they were perfect.

Since these cinnamon roll pops cook up very quickly and I didn’t have to wait for the oven to warm up or for them to cook for 10 minutes, the frosting was still pretty cold and thick.  To warm it up a little I took off the lid and microwaved the plastic container for 10 seconds.  It was the perfect consistency for dipping the pops after they had cooled a bit but were still slightly warm.


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