Pensacola NAS Commissary Accepts Register Rewards!

I don’t get to shop on base but my dad is retired Air Force so my mom does a lot of her grocery shopping at the Pensacola NAS Commissary and she tells me that they’re super coupon friendly there, and of course they have better prices than other stores to begin with because they sell items to servicemembers at close to cost (about five percent is charged for store maintenance and employee wages, but otherwise merchandise is not marked up).  Well the commissary just recently changed their coupon policy and they now also take Walgreens Register Rewards (which are manufacturers coupons) for payment.  Wow – I’m so jealous!  But this is such awesome news that I wanted to share it with you guys just in case you’re lucky enough to be able to shop there.  If you’re not local to the Pensacola commissary but you are able to shop on base somewhere else it wouldn’t hurt to inquire about your store’s coupon policy and encourage them to accept Register Rewards if they don’t already 😉


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