Part 2 – Keeping Children Safe In Winter

I’m so thrilled to be participating in the Energizer Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project and I wanted to report back on the completion of this mission!  We chose to create a winter emergency survival kit to deliver to our local Ronald McDonald house for this project.  Our family has a history of childhood medical issues that originally introduced us to the Ronald McDonald house years ago when my quadruplets were born so we’re always happy to find ways that we can give back to other children in need.

Since we live in the south we don’t have to worry too much about winter weather hazards like snow and freezing cold, but we do experience tornadoes and power outages from storms, plus we’ll have to start worrying about hurricane season pretty soon, so we wanted to make sure we included things in our survival kit that would cover all of these emergencies.  We shopped at our local WalMart and purchased the following items for our kit.

Our survival kit package included:

  • Energizer LED Safety Light with alert whistle and emergency checklist
  • Energizer emergency crank radio with flashlight
  • Energizer rechargeable LED light
  • Wet Ones antibacterial wipes
  • Energizer batteries
  • 2 Cases of bottled water

We also picked up this cute red collapsible fabric storage cube to store everything.  The kids were super happy to deliver this package to the Ronald McDonald house and were just so sorry to have missed Ronald by only a few minutes – you can tell from these footprints on the sidewalk out front that he had just been there!

We will continue to look for other great volunteer projects like this one, and I’d like to encourage you to visit Champions For Kids to learn more about doing a SIMPLE Service Project in your community and help to meet the goal of mobilizing 20 million people by 2020.

Part 1 – Keeping Children Safe During Winter

Disclosure – This post has been compensated as a part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks so much to #EnergizerCFK and #CBias!


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  1. What a great organization to donate your kit to–and I love the red box…goes perfect with Ronald’s shoes! 🙂

  2. I saw a couple of posts about this and I am glad that they are doing this. What a great project to help out!

  3. What a great program and it looks like you put together a very useful kit!

  4. Firstly, Quads.. wow!! Bless you. I have 6 and they are spaced out at least. What a great opportunity to pay it forward with this project! Well done.

  5. Thanks so much Melanie! You were definitely smart to space yours out, but I’m sure you still have your hands full!! 🙂

  6. The Energizer emergency crank radio with flashlight is such a great idea to include in this care kit!

  7. Sounds like a great program!! I always have a case of water in my stow and go area of my mini van. Comes in handy!!

  8. I love the Ronald McDonald House and all that they do to help families in crisis. I’m sure they will put your kit to great use!


  1. […] Denise at Shopper Strategy chose to create a winter emergency survival kit to deliver to their local Ronald McDonald house for this project.  Denise’s family has a history of childhood medical issues that originally introduced them to the Ronald McDonald house years ago when her quadruplets were born. They went to Walmart to purchase items for an emergency survival kit. […]

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