Our Magical Visit With Santa

Santa Claus came to the kids’ school earlier this week to ask the children what they’d like for Christmas and to take pictures with the kids, but the photos were $10 each and $50 is a heckuva lot to spend for individual shots that would be difficult to display without a special five space frame.  Instead, we took the kids to family night at a nearby Chick-fil-a last night to enjoy lots of fun holiday activities (code for WAY too much sugar).  We went a little early so we could get good seats before the crowd arrived to see Santa, had our supper and let the kids play before decorating iced cookies in “Santa’s Bake Shop”.  By the time Santa arrived with his helpers and his photographer we were stuffed and the kids were happy to tell Santa all about their wish lists before heading straight back home.  The free picture they took will be available for pickup this afternoon and I’m thrilled with both the opportunity to get all five kids in one shot, and to take some pictures of my own.

My favorite moment of the night was when Santa asked Brandon (on the far right) what he wanted for Christmas and he said “I want a kitchen”.  I told him that a new kitchen would be a great gift for mommy and that he should ask Santa for something he wants so he told Santa “I want a kitchen big enough to share with mommy”.  Awwwwwww – how sweet is he?


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  1. awww!!! what a sweetheart!!

  2. Aww. That is too sweet! That was a great idea getting the picture with Santa at a different location for FREE.

  3. So precious!!!

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