Operation Santa Smiles

When our quadruplets were three months old the boys both developed pyloric stenosis and had to have surgery to correct the problem.  We spent the week of Christmas at the hospital with one son, then the week of New Year’s at the hospital with the other and even though they were way too young to remember, the hospital is just no place for a kid to be at Christmas.  Ever since then I’ve been planning on taking the kids back up to the hospital on Christmas Eve to deliver toys to the children there as soon as they were old enough to understand.  This year we’ve been hearing way too much about “want” – my silly kids “want” everything they see on television, even when they don’t know what it is or does.  So we decided that this was the perfect time for a lesson on “need” and to get started on what will be an annual trip to the hospital, and I’m so glad that we did.  The kids were very happy to give out gifts of stuffed animals, Zhu Zhu pets, bendable elves, and holiday tattoos to about 30 kids at the hospital last night.  Several of the kids were around their age and I think that really brought the message home for them. 

Thanks very much to Sacred Heart Hospital and to Miss Angie, the sweet volunteer who gave up part of her own Christmas Eve to escort us around the children’s ward!  We’ll see you again next year!


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  1. What an AWESOME thing to do!!! I’ll just bet that brought some smiles to those children in the hospital, and what a wonderful learning experience for your kiddies!

  2. Why that was a great gesture. That is something the kids will remember always yours and the ones in the hospital. Keep making smiles at home and abroad.

  3. Thank you Shebella! It was so sad walking thru the oncology section and the PICU areas especially, and was a great reminder of just how blessed we are. I’m very glad the hospital let us come in and do that and we’re already planning our trip for next year 😉

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