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Saving with Walmart Family Mobile #shop

I’m very lucky to have my mom’s help with childcare for my five kiddos and since she often has them (free of charge) while I’m working and on the weekends, she’s been on my cell phone plan for a long time so I can contact her to check on the kids and she can call me to complain. She only wanted a basic phone and I haven’t been able to twist her arm into texting even though the plan covers it, so I never bothered to add web or data to her phone.

Her portion of the plan for really basic service has been running $53 a month, which I thought was reasonable until she dropped her phone on the tile the other day and the silly flip front part broke right off. Imagine our surprise when we went to the phone store and found out that there were THREE DAYS left on her two year contract and they wanted to charge us a hefty early termination fee. Then on top of that they wanted a $35 activation fee plus the price of  a new phone.

This kind of treatment, especially after being loyal long-term customers, led us to check out other alternatives. As it turns out there are bunch of no contract alternatives to choose from so we checked them all out and decided on the new Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Saving with Walmart Family Mobile #shop

She’s already in love with her new myTouch phone because the camera is so easy to use and it has a large touch screen that she can see much better than her old phone. I love it because it only costs $39.88 a month, or $13 a month cheaper than her old plan, AND that includes data as well as unlimited talk and text. I’ve already got her setup to get her email on the phone and I’ve been twisting her arm to start texting now too.

The only real problem that I’ve found is now my dad wants a new phone too! The great news there is that additional lines start at just $24.88 a month for unlimited talk and text so I guess he’s next in line. You can also save even more with this cheap wireless plan by activating it on a phone you already have as long as its compatible, all you need is the $25 starter kit to change out the SIM card. We had tons of fun shopping with #cbias and #FamilyMobileSaves for mom’s new phone and I’m very pleased that it’s so easy to activate and manage the account online at Get more information and smart talk tips in the Live SoFab Back to School Digital Magazine.


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  1. It blows my mind how companies treat their consumers sometimes. I’m so glad you mom is loving her new phone! I know my mom could use an upgrade herself

  2. She’s even texting now, I love it! SO glad I got her all hooked up 🙂

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