New $5 Off $25 Rite Aid Coupon!

Whoohoo – here is another new $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon!  It’s a PDF and it doesn’t expire until 10/31/10.  I’ll make excellent use of this at both Rite Aid and at Publix since my store considers Rite Aid a competitor 🙂

Thanks to Angela at The Coupon Project!


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  1. Same here.. at Publix! Did you print it out yet tho? It looks like it will take a great amount of ink.

  2. Yes – it does take a bunch of ink 🙁 it’s crazy really considering the size of the coupon. If you’re using a color printer try printing on the black & white setting so it will just print out mostly in grayscale.

  3. I know I was like.. thank you for the coupon but seriously LOL. Thanks I will definitely do that when I print it. I saved it on my computer for when I get more ink 😉

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