My Quadruplets’ Frugal Birthday!

As if it’s not frugal enough making four of my five kids share a birthday every year (they WERE all born two minutes apart!), I still look for ways to give them a great day as inexpensively as possible.

They had a birthday party for family and a few friends a couple of weeks ago before my Aunt Diana moved back to her beloved Pittsburgh.  She’s a college professor who works mostly online and she graciously moved down here three years ago to help out with the quads.  Now that they’ve started school she’s moved back home, but we couldn’t have the BIG FIVE celebration without her so we did it early.  Also thanks to Aunt Di the kids had a fabulously fun party at Triple Play, the local bouncy house, that she paid for by trading her time helping out with other birthday parties on a couple Saturdays.

Yesterday we had a small celebration at the school for them and I had planned to grab some cupcakes at Publix and be done with it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay a buck each for them when I had everything needed to make them at home.  They were beautifully decorated and nicely packaged, but they were $5.49 for a package of six, I’d need four so $22 or $24 with tax – OUCH!  Instead I made two dozen for less than $3 from the stockpile.

I only had to add a couple more bucks to the $21 I saved on cupcakes to make these “sweet” goody bags!  I got the Crazy Bands for a dollar each awhile back and saved them for this purpose, the bag of filler candy from Walgreens for $4, a huge box of popcorn balls for $5, big box of ring pops for $4.50 and the bags themselves were 8/$1 a couple weeks ago at Walgreens.  To finish them off I printed out a sheet of labels that said Happy Birthday and had their names on them to seal the bags.  The kids had a blast and their classmates really enjoyed the goody bags!


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  1. Looks like they had a blast!! My daughter’s school doesn’t let you bring anything homemade – has to be store bought. Which is probably better for them since I’m not the greatest cook/baker in the world 🙂

  2. Denise, I bet the kids had no idea it was frugal. I don’t blame you for not buying those expensive cupcakes!

  3. Awesome! Can you tell me how to have a cheap birthday for a 17-year-old and a 21-year-old? It seems like the older they get, the more expensive their parties and presents are.

  4. Thanks Kay Lynn! Mine weren’t near as pretty, but I’m not a fan of the whipped icing you get from the store so I think mine were better anyway 🙂

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