My Plans For Blog Domination – an Undated Annual Blog Planner

My Plans For Blog Domination

I’ve been blogging here at Shopper Strategy since 2009 and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Have I made a bundle from my blog? No. Have I earned enough to keep me doing it for over 8 years? Yes I have! And of course there are other benefits, like getting to interact with awesome people online and having the privilege of trying out new products before they go widespread.

My Plans For Blog Domination

I have friends who earn an amazing amount of money for their blog work and I have others who make very little, I figure I’m somewhere in the middle. But I love what I do and I believe that no matter where you lie on the earnings spectrum as a blogger you can do better with good planning. For that reason I searched for a good blogging planner that would help me to not only create better content that would keep my readers coming back for more, but also help me to earn more for my efforts in the process.

There are a few good planners out there, but none that really suited my needs, so I set out to design one that covers everything from social media statistics to sponsored posts in addition to monthly and yearly goals and income and expense trackers. This Plans For Blog Domination planner is an undated annual blog planner so you can start dominating your blog space at any time during the year!


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  1. Love your entrepreneurial spirit! You couldn’t find what you wanted, so you just made it yourself! Managing a blog has gotten crazier than ever with all the opportunities out there now, not to mention the major social media networks that keep cropping up. Good luck with this and here’s to a fabulous 2018!

  2. Thanks so much Andrew! That’s my compliment for the day πŸ˜€

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