My Kids Are #FreeToBe Adventurous with All Free & Clear

All Free & Clear

It’s already getting pretty warm here in Northwest Florida and the kids are really enjoying their outdoor time. They had a blast at a family cookout this past weekend and I loved seeing them have such a great time, but boy can they produce some laundry! Between all the towels they used, a couple changes of clothes, and their bathing suits it’s not difficult to come up with a load or two of laundry in a days’ time. I’m confident that with all free clear laundry detergent we’re getting all the pool chemicals out of their clothes without adding anymore harsh chemicals to the mix.

All Free & Clear

A couple of the kids take after their mommy in that they have sensitive skin and some laundry detergents tend to make us itchy so I love this all free clear Oxi with Stainlifters. It is free of perfumes and clear of dyes so it’s tough on stains but gentle on our skin. With the summer months coming the kids will be doing lots of field trips and activities in their annual summer camp and they swim at least a couple times a week there so our usual mountain of laundry will be growing tremendously.

When I was a kid we spent all of our spare time outside doing all sorts of fun things like building forts, catching tadpoles, playing hide and seek and jumping in mud puddles. Those are things my kids don’t seem to get enough time to do between our busy schedules and having their attention divided between all the screens in their lives – tablets, TV, computer games, XBox. I’m thrilled that with this beautiful spring and summer weather they get a chance to participate in all their favorite outdoor adventures. It’s wonderful that they are #FreeToBe kids, that they can get messy, dirty, muddy and wet but we don’t have to worry their clothes or the laundry because all free clear is tough on stains but still gentle enough for the whole family.


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