My 6/25 CVS Trip – $65.14 for $23.64 or 64% Off

I haven’t been to CVS for three weeks because my local store has the worst customer service, hardly anything in stock, and the few deals I’ve been interested in just haven’t been worth the hassle.  Well today I shopped in Pensacola where there are plenty of stores to choose from so I ran in to my favorite location just to pick up a few bottles of Xtra laundry detergent.  The display had a big sign on top about this week’s gas card deal so I went up front and talked to the manager – I told him that I had dropped in for the Xtra and just saw the sign saying it was included in the gas card deal and asked if there was a limit or if I could buy 21 bottles in order to get the gas card.  He said they had plenty on hand so go right ahead but when I checked out I didn’t get the gas card coupon.  Turns out that the sign was a mistake and the Xtra really isn’t included in the deal but the manager very graciously took care of getting me a gas card before fixing the sign.  What a huge difference good customer service makes!!  Since our washer seems to run around the clock, and we also use this stuff in the carpet cleaner, I’m thrilled to have stocked up! Today I bought $65.14 worth of laundry detergent for $23.64, or 64% off after gas card! Here are the deals:

Xtra 2X liquid 26 loads $1.49
-$1/2, $0.50/2 Xtra Laundry Detergent, exp. 6/30/12 (SS 05/06/12)
Final Price:  $1.13 each (after gas card, I had no qs)

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  1. Shebella says

    Looks like you are stocked up for a while. How is the storm down that way. I am headed your way possibly Thursday of this week and was wondering if the storm will die down before our arrival. We would love to hit the beach in PCola. We plan to be down there until Monday. Is there any chance of making it to the beach?

  2. LOL – I do hope that this holds us for awhile 🙂 They’re telling people not to get in the water at the beach today because it is SO windy, but it looks like the storm is turning east so you should be good for your trip. It will probably still be windy this weekend, but if we’re on the west side it shouldn’t be too bad. Remind me later in the weekend and I’ll get you an update!

  3. Shebella says

    Thanks Denise.

  4. How’s the weather now?

  5. The weather is SO much better now that Debby has moved off to the east – I think it will be beautiful for your visit 🙂 Hope you enjoy your trip!

  6. Shebella says

    I plan to thanks for the updates.

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