My 5/30 Michael’s Trip 15 Projects for $50.07

Today was the kid's first real day off from school, they're already going through activities like crazy and it's way too hot to play outside.  They did go out for awhile this morning, and we plan to go for a walk after dinner, but in the meanwhile we've already colored wooden magnets for the frig, blown up rocket balloons and made paper airplanes – whew!  I have no idea how we're going to keep them entertained for the whole summer, but I’m very glad that I swung by Michael's today while I was out.  I had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon, including sale items but not clearance.  Well they had a bunch of stuff on clearance that was a great deal without the coupon, then I went ahead and stocked up on enough other goodies that will make at least 15 projects for the kids.  Every time they have one of these 20% off coupons available (usually only on big holidays) I like to go roam through their dollar aisles for activities for the kids that I store in the closet and bring out as needed.  This trip I spent $50.07 on project stuff and some thank you notes and monogram notes for myself, which equates to $3.34 per project, or $0.67 per child (and free notes!) yay!



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