My 5/21 Walgreens Trip – $64.13 for $14.92 or 77% Off

I had planned to get some of the BreatheRx mouthwash that’s on sale this week but I compared it to this Age Essentials mouthwash and they both have the same active ingredient and this brand was cheaper after RR so I got it instead!  I was also thrilled to get bonus packages of both the Thermacare and the Advil and they still printed the Register Reward.  We haven’t tried these Sleep Sheets before but they’re all natural so we’re gonna give’m a shot.  I wonder if they’d work on dogs?  Anybody have an idea how to help a dog go to sleep?  We’ve only been able to clip one of our dog’s toenails at a time because she runs when she sees the clippers so we have to wait until she’s asleep and of course she’s awake again as soon as we clip one.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Get $4.99 RR WYB Sleep Sheet Strips 10pk $4.99 = FREE!

Get $5 RR WYB 2+ Advil or Thermacare below
Advil 40 or 50ct or PM 16 or 20ct $4.99
$1/1 Advil Pain Relief Products printable
-$2/1 Advil Liquigels 20 ct or more, product insert exp. 6/30/12 (I used this one)
-$1/1 Advil Product, exp. 6/30/12 (RP 04/01/12)
-$1/1 Advil PM, exp. 6/9/12 (RP 03/11/12)
-$1/1 Advil PM, exp. 6/30/12 (RP 04/01/12)
-$1/1 Advil 20ct+, exp. 8/31/12 (RP 05/20/12)
-$1/1 Advil PM 16ct+, exp. 8/31/12 (RP 05/20/12)
ThermaCare HeatWraps 2 or 3pk $5.99
$3/1 Thermacare 2pk+ (and this one)
-$1/1 Thermacare Product, exp. 6/30/12 (RP 04/01/12)
-$1/1 ThermaCare 2ct+, exp. 8/31/12 (RP 05/20/12)
Final Price:  49¢ each

Get $5 RR WYB Oasis Age Essential Mouthwash 16oz $5.99 = $0.99 EACH

Drumstick Ice Cream Cones 4pk $3.99ea or 2/$6
$1/2 NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK multipack or Frozen Snacks multipack
-$0.75/1, $1/2 Nestle Various Frozen Snacks, (SS 04/29/12 R)
-$1/1 Nestle Frozen Snack, exp. 6/30/12 (ALL YOU May ’12) (I used 2 of these)
Final Price:  $2 each box!

Sally Hansen Bleaches, Wax and Hair Removers B1G1 50% Off $5.99
$2/1 Sally Hansen Wax Kit printable
$2/1 Sally Hansen Hair Remover or Bleach printable (I used 2 of these)
-$1/1 Sally Hansen Beauty Tool, exp. 6/30/12 (RP 05/06/12 R)
-$2/$4 Sally Hansen Beauty Tool, exp. 5/31/12 (ALL YOU May ’12)
Final Price:  $2.50 each

Nestle Candy Bar .77 to 2.1oz $.49
-$0.60/3 Nestle Single Candy Bars, exp. 5/31/12 (SS 04/29/12) (I used this one)
Final Price:  29¢ each

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  1. I don’t like clipping my dogs nails because I have clipped to far before and hurt her. So, I take her to petsmart or the groomers. I know this cost but she gives them no problems.

  2. I’ll have to look into the cost at PetSmart – there is one not too terribly far from me! Thanks Lizel!

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