My 3/5 CVS Trip – $36.52 for $8.59 or 76% Off

Wow – this is my worst trip to CVS in quite awhile, and I was SO upset when I left the store today that I actually had to call corporate and get it off my chest.  The manager at my local store isn’t very coupon friendly and I’ve had a few small issues with him in the past, but today’s trip was a nightmare.  Nothing in the store was marked with the correct prices according to the ad in my newspaper so I asked the cashier for some clarification and she said “there’s no way to tell until you check out”.   Okay, so I picked up the things they had in stock that were on my list (this is a small store and I’m used to them being out of most everything by the time I get there) but when I went to check out nothing rang up at the right price.  I asked for a copy of the ad so I could look the prices up for them and they handed me a single page flyer with none of my items listed on it.  When I asked for a copy of the 16 page flyer that had been in my newspaper I was told that they were trying something new this week and that these were ALL of the sale items.  The manager told me that if I had brought my flyer he could help me, to which I replied that I shouldn’t have to bring a CVS sale paper TO CVS with me.  Then I went to my car and brought my laptop back in to show him the prices.  He huffed and puffed then walked away and let the cashier fix up my prices and manually print my ECBs.

I honestly felt like this was a bait and switch issue since I had been expecting 16 pages worth of sale items and their single page flyer only has 14 sale item listings period.  Here is what I found out – apparently CVS is running a “test” this week in Alabama so the whole state only has a single page flyer of sale items, but half of the state will also get another single page flyer on Wednesday with a 20% off coupon attached.  I live in a “bedroom community” on the AL/FL state line so I get newspapers from both Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL but I planned my trip based on the FL ad then went shopping at an AL store.  In Florida there is no sales tax on food or healthcare items so I can typically save 9 1/2% just for crossing the state line.  If I had known that there were only 14 items on sale this week (none of which were on my list) I would never have wasted my time at an Alabama store.  I have since spoken with a regional manager who assures me that next week’s ad will be a full 16 pages again for Alabama.  I honestly doubt they’ll ever see me at my usual store again regardless of how much or what is on sale given how they treated me today, but I still hope that this was just a one week “test” since it really doesn’t make sense to me to charge Alabamians more for the same items that are on sale around the rest of the country!  Today I bought $36.52 worth of stuff for $8.59, or 76% off.  Here are the deals:

M&M’s novelty 0.7-2 oz. – $1.50
Mars Easter Egg or Bunny Single 1-1.11 oz.- $.50
Mars Easter Minis 10.5-11.5oz or M&M’s 9.9-14oz, Snickers Eggs 6ct, Dove Chocolate Eggs 7.94-8.87oz or Dove Solid Bunny 4.5oz – $3
-$0.25/2 Snickers Eggs CVS scanner coupon (week of 2/26)
-$2/3 Hershey’s or Reese’s Bags from 2/26 SS
-$1/2 Mars Easter products from 03/04 RP
-$1.50/2 Mars brand chocolate candies from 01/22 RP (exp 03/04)
Final Price:  $1.75

Buy Colgate Multipack Manual Toothbrushes 2-4 pk. OR Reg., Total or Adv. Whitening paste 2-pk. 11.6-12.8 oz. ~ Get $3 ECB (Limit 2) Reg. $3.49

Welch’s Grape Juice, 64 oz, B1G1 Reg $5.29
-$1 off Welch’s 100 % Grape Juice (1) 64 oz, or (6 pk) 10 oz, any flavor, RP 2/12
-$1 off Welch’s grape juice 64 oz, or any juice 10 oz, 4 or 6 pk. (Facebook) printable (Used 2 of these)
-$.75/1 Welch’s Essentials juice cocktail, 64 oz, printable
Final Price:  $1.65 each

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  1. That was a nightmare! I never knew that AL tax was so high! I hope that talking with corporate helped. It is the worst when people are just uninformed, and don’t care. They act like you owe them a favor. Regardless you did great trips this week, and thanks for the linkups. All the best.

  2. Oh my! That sounds horrible! I don’t know if I would have the patience to deal with a store like that. Great job and thanks for linking up to My Road to Savings!

  3. Thanks Emmie! The lady I spoke with in customer service was actually pretty great, then the regional manager called me back later and we had a nice chat 🙂 Made me feel better about actually completing the transaction, the whole way home I kept thinking that I should have just left the stuff there, but I did end up getting the sale prices or I definitely wouldn’t have checked out.

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