My 3/29 Walmart Trip – $32.16 for $6.72 or 79% Off


Sometimes I wonder why I bother to go into WalMart at all 🙁  I needed dog food and milk real bad and don’t plan to hit Publix until Wednesday so I decided to pull some good qs to make the trip worthwhile and stopped at Wally World on my way around today.  I had two $5/1 Monopoly game coupons that I have successfully used there in the past but they didn’t ring up today because the cards have been marked down to $4.00.  I explained that I didn’t expect to get more than the cost of the item, but that they could simply ring up the coupons for $4.00 each.  The cashier told me that she could no longer override coupons that didn’t ring up because “we’ve been having a problem with Internet coupons”.  She was the nice lady that I always try to checkout with and she was very apologetic as she called over a manager.  Of course now the line is backing way up behind us since probably 20% of the lanes were open and people are starting to glare.  The front end manager, who was also very nice, asked us to step aside while she suspended the transaction and went to speak with a store manager. 

Now we’ve become an obstruction at the end of the aisle for everyone to go around, when finally the store manager comes over and says “the problem is that you’re not getting the monopoly in the picture”.  I politely explained – again – that I had used the very same coupon here before and it did ring up for $5.00 off the monopoly card game, however they are now on sale for $4.00 and their registers always beep if the coupon is for more than the price.  I asked if she could simply mark the coupon down to $4.00, and then she asked if I wanted her to go get a board game and see if it would work on that.  DUH!  I said that’s okay, I’m not interested in the board game, and in fact I’m not interested in these if you won’t take the coupons.  So next she started arguing with me about the Hungry Hippos game because the travel version isn’t in the picture.  I told her that we hadn’t even gotten far enough to see if that one rang up and she basically threw her hands up and walked away.  Left to her own devices, the original manager took us to a closed lane and checked us out, marking the two qs down to $4.00, I also used two $4.00/1 Hungry Hippos (printable no longer available), a B1G1 for the nail polish from All You magazine, and a B2G1 free for the card games from the Parade insert two weeks ago.  It really does pay to be patient and polite – the $25.44  we saved was worth the 20 minute wait, but it does make me question whether the trouble is worth it.  Now don’t get me wrong – I DO NOT mind the scrutiny of the coupons, I understand that they have a job to do and someone to answer to.  I also know that I’m not trying to get anything by anyone so I’m comfortable with them double or even triple checking my qs, and I HATE that there are some people out there who abuse the system and make it more difficult for everyone else 🙁  End rant!

Side note:  the other items were purchased separately so we could step aside with the “questionable” items, so they’re not included in these totals but they have been added to my spreadsheet ;).


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