My 2/4 Walmart Trip – $46.38 for $17.83


I bought $46.38 in products from WalMart today for only $17.83, or 62% off. This is terrific considering that on a typical WalMart trip (which I try to keep to a minimum) I only usually save between 20-30%. The reason is that I try to only get the big stuff like dog food, cat food, and cat litter that doesn’t usually go on sale, so I can get a better price at WalMart, especially with coupons. Well today I was on a mission to get some games – since we have five kids under five we like to maintain a “toy corner” in our stockpile where we keep bargain toys and games that we find until we need them for holidays or birthdays. For example, there is a liquidation store not far from our house that is always stocked with out of season WalMart merchandise so we buy beach toys in the winter, Halloween costumes in the summer, and greatly discounted toys throughout the year. It’s a WONDERFUL feeling when the holidays (or an unexpected birthday party) come along and you’re already prepared 🙂 There are some terrific coupons out for games right now at that made all of these card games (Pictureka, Scrabble Slam, Sorry Revenge and Monopoly Deal) either 24 cents or $1.24 each, they all retailed for $5.24 each.  While I was at it I went ahead and got the Contadina tomato paste for 25 cents each with a $.75/3 q, the Sunbelt granola bars were $1 each with a B1G1 q, the Snack Packs 75 cents each with a B3G1 free q, and I made 3 cents on the goldfish food with a $2/1 Wardley fish food q.



  1. Im headed to walmart tomorrow for the card games !

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