My 1/3 Walgreens Trip – $245.57 for $11.61 or 95% Off

I tried to do the Wisk deal at CVS today but couldn’t find a store with any left (yet).  My Walgreens numbers today are so good though that I’m not gonna worry too much about it 🙂  My mom and I got a bunch of the Children’s Oscillococcinum at BlogHer and we love it – I think it works great and the kids line right up to take it so I was SUPER happy to get paid to buy it today!  I also swear by my daily fish oil pills so the Omega Factor-3s were a fabulous deal for me.  I was surprised that each time I checked out with a box of Oscillo I also received a coupon for a free box of Breath Right nasal strips (up to $7.59 x 5) and I got a coupon for free Afrin (up to $7 x 2) each time I checked out with a box of Mucinex (not on sale but hubby needed it).  So I ended up with $245.57 worth of products for $11.61, or 95% off PLUS seven coupons for free items – WHOOHOO!!  Btw – there is a bunch on clearance including Bakugan toys and all kinds of neat stuff, these tattoos were originally marked $6.99 and I got them for $3, hours of entertainment for the kids – priceless.  Here are the deals:

Get $9 RR WYB Children’s Oscillococcinum Flu Medicine 6ct $8.99
-$2/1 Oscillococcinum, Any – 01-24-10 RP x12/31/11
-$2/1 : $1/1 Children’s Oscillococcinum Any PRINT
Final Price: $2 Money Maker

Get $10 RR WYB Omega Factor-3 60ct $10 = FREE

Get $6 RR WYB SalonPas Arthritis Pain Patches 5pk $5.99 = FREE

Hershey’s Candy Bars  $.49 with in ad coupon
– Buy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Get Reese’s, Kit Kat or  Hershey’s Candy Bar FREE Coupon (12/12 SS)
Final Price = $.25 each

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  1. wow that’s amazing!! I bought 4 Advil’s & 1 Finish detergent tabs and got (2) coupons for free Breath Rights, (1) coupon for free Poise product and a coupon for $5 off an Afrin. I did almost the same transaction later in the day and got none of those coupons. Really weird – wonder what triggers it?

  2. That is very strange – did you pay cash for both transactions? Thanks for the info, I assumed I got the Breathe Right with the Oscillo cuz one transaction was only Oscillo. Now maybe I can keep hubby from snoring for awhile! Cept I was afraid to USE the qs today since the machine likely won’t print another if you use one.

  3. I actually always use my debit’s very rare that I pay cash. My first transaction was (4) Advils, (1) Finish and then some clearance christmas stuff & I got all the coupons. The second transaction – at a different store – was (4) Advils, (1) Finish, some clearance Garnier & a clearance baby book.

  4. How many transactions did you do on this trip? I still can’t get my Oop that low! Jealous!

  5. Hey Tammy! This was really not a typical week, but I love it when the #s look that good 🙂 I actually did 5 transactions today which is also not typical – hubby was with me so we each checked out at my usual store, then I bought another Oscillo at the pharmacy while picking up a prescription. We talked about the deals at lunch (and the free qs we got) and decided to stop at another Wags on the way home where we each checked out again.

  6. In my box of Omega factor were coupons one of them being $3 off the Omega factor!!! Money Maker!!

  7. Wow – thanks so much for letting us know Lezlie! Hubby threw away a box and I’ve got him looking through the trash for it now 😉

  8. You did great. Our Wags let us use the $2 MFR Coupon for the Children’s Flu meds and the $5 In-Store Coupon making it a $7 MMaker. Did this 3 times. Also, our cashier let us open the boxes of Omega and take out the $3 coupons and use them right then. Probably a huge frowned upon shopping habit but she encouraged it. This was my first trip to Wags for coupon shopping. I think I will be going back.

  9. Wow – you go Leah! That’s like the best first trip ever 🙂 I’m all impressed with you, and I LOVE your awesome cashier!

  10. My Wags could not process the coupon. They said several people had brought it in and it would not scan on their registers. Still bought 2 of them in 2 different transactions since they were free after the RRs.

  11. It is still a fabulous deal, but I’m sorry you didn’t get to use the qs! I didn’t either actually – didn’t find the qs till I was done shopping 🙂

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