My 12/28 Publix Trip – $161.64 for $61.63


Okay – I only saved 62% today but I blame the dog and the husband, not in any particular order 🙂  but the dog was hungry (Purina One on sale for $16.99) and it is supposed to get down to 28 degrees tonight, almost unheard of in our part of the south, so the hubby talked me into getting two bundles of firewood ($4.59 x 2 = $9.18).  I did pretty good on everything else though – ended up with $161.64 in items and paid $61.63.

I had Target qs that I paired with the Juicy Juice (paid $1/each)  and the Oscar Mayer deli meats (paid $1.75 each).  I also had a Target q for a B1G1 Glade Lasting Impressions that I stacked with 2 store qs, and a few other Glade qs that are expiring this week so I wanted to use them up.  I had a rain check that made the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter B1G1, and I used 4 $1 qs, which made them 49 cents a box.  Not pictured – dog food, firewood, Viva paper towels ($2 q).


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