My 1/19 Publix Trip – $66.40 for $9.80 or 85% Off

We’re in the third week of the Clean Out Your Cupboards Challenge so I didn’t get all the good deals that I would have liked at Publix today, but here are the ones I just couldn’t pass up.  On a side note, I got so chatty with the cashier and bagger today that I didn’t watch what was going on and my free Birdseye Steamfresh coupons didn’t ring up right.  I figured it out on the way to the car and went right inside to get my $3.41 back.  Bet I won’t do that again – at least for a little while 😉  I bought $66.40 worth of groceries for $9.80, or 85% off after using a $10 RR to pay.  Here are the deals:

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup, Assorted Varieties, 18.6 to 18.8 oz can or 15.3 oz bowl, BOGO $2.29
$1/2 Campbells Healthy Request Select Harvest Soup (exp 2/2/2011) (I used this one)
-$0.50/2 Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup 1/2/2011 SS Insert (exp 2/13/2011)
-$0.50/3 Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup 1/2/2011 SS Insert (exp 2/13/2011)
$1/2 Campbell’s Select Harvest Rolling (and this one)
$1/2 Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup Rolling
Final Price:  65¢ each

Blue Diamond Almonds, Assorted Varieties, 6 oz can, BOGO $3.19
-$0.75/2 Blue Diamond Almonds 12/5/2010 SS Insert (exp 3/31/2011) (I used this one)
-$0.60/2 Blue Diamond Almonds 10/10/2010 SS Insert (exp 1/31/2011)
-$0.50/1 Blue Diamond
Final Price:  $1.22 each

Mrs. Paul’s Fish or Fried Clams, Assorted Varieties, 8-11.4 oz pkg, BOGO $4.49
-$2/1 Birds Eye WYB Kamp’s or Mrs. Paul All You Feb 2011 (exp 3/18/2011) (I used one of these)
-FREE Birds Eye Steamfresh Item with the Purchase of any 1 Mrs. Paul’s Frozen Seafood Item PUBLIX COUPON Yellow Adv Buy Flyer (exp 1/21) (I used two of these)
Free Birds Eye® Steamfresh® item when you buy any 1 Mrs. Paul’s® or Van de Kamp’s® item (and I used one of these)
Final Price:  49¢ total or 12¢ each

Here’s the math:
$4.49 – 2 fish sticks
$4.78 – 2 Birds Eye veggies @ $2.39 each
= $9.27
– $4.00 (2 manufacturer qs)
– $4.78 (2 store qs)
= $0.49 Total

Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 4 pack, 4 oz cup, BOGO $2
$0.50/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt (exp 2/2/2011)
-$0.50/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt 1/2/2011 GM Insert (exp 2/26/2011)
-$0.50/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt 1/16/2011 SS Insert
$1/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt Rolling
Final Price: FREE!!

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock, Regular or Churn Style, 15 oz tub, or twin pack, 2 pk, 7.5 oz tub, BOGO $2.15
$0.50/1 Shedd’s Country Crock Margarine TARGET coupon (exp 2/28/2011) (I used one of these)
$0.40/1 Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Product (IE) (exp 2/1/2011) Printable (FF) (and one of these)
Final Price:  18¢

Pillsbury Rolls or Breadsticks, Pizza Crust, or Loaf, 8 to 13.9 oz can, 3/$5
-$0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 12/12/2010 SS Insert (exp 3/5/2011)
-$0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 12/5/2010 GM Insert (exp 2/26/2011)
$0.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls (exp 2/2/2011)
-$0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 11/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 2/12/2011)
-$0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 11/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 1/29/2011)
-$0.75/3 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls Blinkie (exp 3/31/2011) (I used this one)
Final Price:  $1.42 each

Publix Large Eggs, 18 ct, $2.39

King’s Hawaiian Rolls, 2/$5
-$1/1 King’s Hawaiian Bread or Rolls 12/12/2010 RP Insert (exp 3/31/2011) (I used this one)
-$1/2 King’s Hawaiian Product 11/14/2010 RP Insert (exp 2/28/2011)
Final Price:  $1.50

CapriSun Juice Drink Blend, 3/$6
-$1/2 Capri Sun Drink Walgreens January monthly booklet (exp 1/29/2011)
$0.50/2 Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters TARGET coupon (exp 2/15/2011)
Final Price:  $1.50 each

Breathe Right strips – free q from Walgreens

Note:  It just occurred to me that I won’t be able to do my Publix trip next week since I’ll be heading out to Nashville Wednesday morning for Blissdom.  Wanted to give you guys a heads up just in case you might miss me!

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  1. you will definitely be missed next week but enjoy your trip!

    Great buys and glad you caught the mistake with the Mrs. Paul’s!!

  2. I am inspired. I am going to try to copy your trip. I have a question. I also have a coupon for buy a birds eye frozen vegetable and get $1.25 off country crock. Can I use this as well?

  3. Absolutely – you can use a coupon for each item, so you can use the free Birds Eye coupon, and the Country Crock coupon, you could even use a coupon for the Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks if there was one available. IF your q said $1.25 off Birds Eye wyb Country Crock you couldn’t use it because you already have a q for the Birds Eye, but since it’s for the Country Crock you’re good to go! Wish I’d had that one 🙂

  4. Thanks a bunch Olenka! Boy am I glad too – it was just a few bucks but I’m trying so hard to keep our spending to a minimum this month that I woulda been bummered had I figured it out later 😉

  5. ok, sorry to bother you again but the coupon says $1.25 off when you country crock and bird’s eye frozen vegetable. Does that work? And I will miss your posts but have a great time! You deserve it for all your hard work.

  6. It’s no bother at all – I love questions 🙂 That is a little trickier Tammy since it doesn’t specifically say $1.25 off Country Crock. Since it isn’t more specific it’ll be a YMMV deal (your manager may vary) but I still think it’s worth a shot. Of course it’s still a heckuva deal either way!

  7. I am always jealous when I see a Publix trip. I wish we had one here!

  8. Did you use the Target Capri Sun coupon? It says Roarin Waters, but that isn’t what you bought. I didn’t use it the other day for that reason.

  9. No – actually I used the $1/2 Capri Sun Drink q from the January Walgreens coupon booklet that you find next to the sale papers in the store. It doesn’t specify a type like the Target one does.

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