My 11/29 Walgreens Trip – $50.52 for $9.02 or 82% Off

Wow – the hot Wet ‘n Wild deals just keep on coming!  My girls are so set for their Christmas stockings, probably for next year too 🙂  The perfume is a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, I sure hope she likes it – it’s a good thing she doesn’t read this blog!  Do you mom?  Well today I bought $50.52 worth of awesomeness for $9.02, or 82% off.  When I checked out first with one SalonPas pain relief patch the machine printed out a $3/$15 which I gladly used on the next transaction.  Here are the deals:

Get $6 RR WYB SalonPas Pain Relief Patches 5pk $5.99 = FREE

Wet n Wild Cosmetics 50% OFF
-$5/$10 Wet ‘n Wild,Save $5 WYB $10 – All You, November 2010 x 12/1 (used 2 of these)
-$5/$10 Wet ‘n Wild, Save $5 WYB $10 – All You, Sept 10 x12/31
Final Price:  37 cents for everything!

Select Fragrances or Fragrance Gift Sets $14.99+
-$5/1 Coty fragrances or gift set, regular retail $10+,any – All You, Dec 10 x3/31
Final Price:  $9.99

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  1. Impressive!! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog!! Now following and excited to read more!!

  2. You did awesome!! I love all those nail polish.. I may need to make another trip!

  3. I had put it all away for Christmas and then this evening one of my boys decided to “paint” with the girls’ current polish, soooooooooooooo looks like they’ll get a few of these early 😉

  4. awww how could your mother-in-law not read your blog?!?! =]
    I’m excited to check out the wet-n-wild deal tomorrow! My daughter loves nail polish!

  5. What a SUPER trip you had — you ALWAYS do great!!! You’re a genius!

  6. Glad I read your blog this morning. I gave the -$5/$10 Wet ‘n Wild, Save $5 WYB $10 – All You, November 2010 q to my sister, but after reading your deals, I realized I still have the Sept. Wet ‘n Wild q and the -$5/1 Coty fragrances or gift set q that I can use tomorrow at WAGS’ Friends & Family Day . Thank you so much for your time, postings, and blog. I read your blog daily.

  7. Question – can you explain how the wet n wild coupons worked? Did you use them on the price before the 50% off or what? I assumed it had to be 10 dollars after the 50% off but I can’t figure out how you got all of that for 37 cents! haha

  8. You bet – I have done this deal three times now, each time they’ve had this 50% off sale. I pick out at least $20 worth of Wet ‘n Wild makeup (in this case it was $20.74 before 50% off) then hand the cashier both of my $5/$10 qs, I figure this way if the machine or the cashier balks I can take one q back and still get a great deal. But each time both of my qs have rung up fine – no beeps, no questions and the 50% was taken off at the top, not at the end. These are the other 2 trips – &

  9. Ok, that’s good to know! I’m going to most likely go back tomorrow because of that 15% off friends & family coupon so I will try this deal again since I have one more of the wet n wild coupons left. Thanks!! I still ended up with a great deal getting 20 dollars worth for 5 bucks but I like your deal better 😉

  10. Wanted to say thank you! Just went back today to use my 15% off coupon – I got 6 wet n wild lip glosses. I didn’t even mean to cut it as close as I did but the total was 5.04 – so 4 cents after the coupon! haha

  11. Yay – you go Sarah! That’s awesome 🙂 Love me some free makeup!

  12. Great job on all the fun stuff! Please come share your savings at the weekly Savings linky for Bluegrasssavers.

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