More Than $1 Billion in Coupons Printed This Year

In a new press release out today, announced that they have served over $1 billion in printed coupons so far this year!  For the first 9 months of the year there was a 57% increase over the $543 million for the same time frame from the previous year, and this is the first time ever that the company has had over a billion dollars in printed coupons.  Additionally, they had more than $128  million of printed coupons in October 2010, the largest amount in a single month ever recorded by the company.

According to the report, the most popular coupon category for the year so far is ready to eat cereal, followed by yogurt and refrigerated dough.  Here’s the list of the top 10:

  1. Ready to eat cereal
  2. Yogurt
  3. Refrigerated cookie dough
  4. Portable snacks
  5. Vegetables
  6. Baby needs
  7. Soup
  8. Nutritional snacks
  9. Lunch meats
  10. Cheese

This industry milestone, and the rapid growth of digital coupons, is attributed to several key factors such as continued consumer adoption of online printable coupons and the increased use of digital coupons by manufacturers and retailers.


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