Mom2Mom Consignment Sale Haul!

I had planned to get a few items together to sell at this fall’s Mom2Mom consignment sale and then ended up consigning more than 350 items!  In addition to making a few bucks off the gently used clothing that my kids have grown out of, one of the best benefits for me is the ticket they give you to come in and shop early before the sale is open to the public.  My ticket got me in at six last night which is terrific since the sale doesn’t open to the public until tomorrow.  I spent $249 and came home with all of this:

(2) Easy Bake Ovens (barely used still in boxes)

(2) Polly Pockets sets (new in boxes)

(3) K’Nex cases

(1) Nascar car carrying case

(35) Action figures and toy cars

(10) Transformer toys

(2) Pair boots

(2) Pair shoes

(2) Jewelry / trinket cases

(1) Purse

(1) Old Navy hoodie (new)

(1) Gap winter coat

(9) Girls pajamas

(5) Girls shirts

(1) Cardigan sweater

(5) 2 pc girls outfits

(7) Girls pants

(2) Skirts

(4) Boys shirts

(4) Boys jeans (Levi’s & Old Navy)

(6) Boys pajamas

(5) Girls uniform pants

(2) Boys uniform shorts

(5) Boys uniform pants

That’s a total of 117 items for an average of $2.12 a piece!  Whoohoo, I’m thrilled and the kids are super excited about their “new” toys 😉  I’ve even put away a few of the new things for the quads’ upcoming birthday next month.


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  1. Looks like a good haul to me. Way to go!

  2. Thanks Shebella – it was elbow to elbow in there last night, but I think I did good! I save up and hit this huge consignment sale at the fairgrounds twice a year to keep the kids outfitted 🙂

  3. SUPER haul I’d say!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Holy cow!! Excellent Haul!!! This weekend is a CCC sale that’s similar to this…I have to convince Hubby that we need to go!!

  5. Yay – thanks Janet! I figure this was well over $1,000 worth of stuff and the kids sure wouldn’t get NEAR this amount of anything if we had to pay full price 🙂 Unfortunately most of my kids got their mommy’s wide feet so their shoes really eat into the budget. SO happy to save where we can so we can spend where we have to, like on wide shoes!

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