Menu Plan Monday ~ October 4th

I’ve got a meeting Monday night so my husband chose that meal for himself and the kids, and I’ve planned a few easy breezy meals for the rest of the week 🙂  I’m hoping for a slightly less stressful week this week than last and it sure does help reduce the stress level around here when all our meals are planned and ready to go!

Monday – Four Cheese Lasagna (Hamburger Helper)

Tuesday – Stuffed Shells with Rotisserie Chicken

WednesdayLemon Chicken

Thursday – Mini Pizzas (will post recipe tomorrow when I find my pic!)

Friday – Chicken Kiev

Saturday – French Toast (breakfast for supper)

Sunday – Chicken Nuggets

My meal plan is listed at!


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  1. Yummy menu!!

  2. Your menu looks great. I just love Lemon Chicken.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hey! What happened to McDonald’s on Sunday? I’ve always wondered why was McDonalds a Sunday meal?

  4. Way to call me out on my fast food Shebella 🙂 My mom and my mother-in-law take turns each weekend and have a couple of kids at a time (the boys one weekend here, the girls the next weekend there) to give us some quality time with the remaining kids (and a bit of a break from each other!) so on Sunday evenings when we do the “kid switch” we grab some drive thru at McDonalds and have a “picnic” when we get back together. It’s become a tradition now but it’s not going to work out logistically this weekend so I’m making chicken nuggets hoping the kids won’t have withdrawal symptoms.

  5. I was just wondering. Sunday is the one day I have time to really cook something special, so I was curious why it was a fast food day for you. But if works keep it going it seems to give you more time to make sure I am saving at the store. I love what you do, so keep moving forward. Thanks.

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