Menu Plan Monday ~ October 3rd

We’ve been watching the crews out harvesting the sweet potatoes by hand on our way to school to drop off the kids in the morning and they’re such a great price right now that they’ve made it onto the menu twice this week!  It amazes me that they have to be so careful not to bruise the flesh that they can’t use equipment to harvest the sweet potatoes, and the fields have just been filled with so many people every morning that they’re bringing them in on old school buses.  I love being able to support local farmers whenever possible so I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on the menu a lot this season 😉

Monday – Mini Pizzas

Tuesday – Chicken Fajitas

WednesdayCrock Pot Honey Ham & Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday – Bacon Wrapped Garlic Chicken & Green Beans

Friday – Date Night – Dinner Out

Saturday – Flat Iron Steaks, Green Salad & Baked Sweet Potatoes

Sunday – McDonalds

My meal plan is listed at!


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  1. I love supporting local farmers too! My family and I try to do that as much as possible – we love our local area so it makes sense to help put money back in locally to make it even better!

    Just stopping by to say hi – I’m a new fan and found you via the Coupon Cabin Event Follow List that we’re both taking part in! 🙂 Stop by and visit sometime over at Lynchburg Coupon Mama – Have a great day!

  2. So glad you’re supporting the local farmers! Growing up on a farm, I KNOW how much work goes into every aspect of the farming process — need more people like you that support those hard working folks!

  3. Thank you Shelly & Jean! I think it’s a good lesson for the kids too so they can literally see the whole process from farm to table and understand how many hands their food goes through before it ever gets to us. And these were locally grown, imagine how many more people are in the chain for things like grapes that aren’t really grown in our state.

  4. look at all those sweet potatoes! they are my favorite!!
    we get corn and tomatoes from the stand down the street.
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan/Question of the week
    I’d love if you stopped by and checked it out
    Have a great week:)

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