Menu Plan Monday ~ May 9th

Whoohoo – we finally got some freezer cooking done over the weekend so our freezer is filling back up with home cooked meals and we can put some more variety into the weekly menu!  Because we really didn’t have a lot of time we concentrated on putting away some fast and easy meals that I’m sure the kids will eat, like teriyaki drumsticks, lemon and pepper chicken, and BBQ meatballs.  We’ll probably do some beef meals and pasta dishes next time around to balance out the freezer inventory.

Monday – Beef Tacos

Tuesday – Teriyaki Drumsticks

Wednesday – Hamburger Steaks w/fresh garden tomatoes

Thursday – Lemon & Pepper Chicken

Friday – Date night – dinner out

Saturday – Club Sandwiches

Sunday – McDonalds

My meal plan is listed at!


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  1. I’ve read through several of your weekly menu posts and was trying to get an idea on how you incorporate your grocery store deals into everyday meals. It looks like you prepare meals Mon thru Th, fri is date night, sat is bfst for dinner, sunday is McDonalds. Although you list the main entree (lemon-pepper chicken for example) what are your sides? Do you purchase additional groceries, or home garden? What is a typical breakfast at your home? lunch? Based on what you show as your grocery shopping deals, there seems to be a lot missing, or is that all you eat?

  2. Very good questions Carol! We do raise our own tomatoes, corn, green beans and potatoes that we eat fresh through the summer and freeze any extra for winter. We’re also lucky enough to live near a farmer’s market where we get fresh fruit and other veggies that are in season throughout the year. You’ll see in my posted shopping trips that I buy lots of rice and pasta side dishes, and I have to admit to making WAY too much mac & cheese for the kids 🙂 I’m actually embarrassed to list McDonald’s so much but we spend most of Sunday in the car and I’m just keeping it real. The kids get breakfast and lunch at school during the year and it’s typically eggs or cereal at the house for breakfast and sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. Thanks so much for visiting and writing in – I appreciate you!

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