Menu Plan Monday ~ March 4th

We’re participating in the Mom2Mom consignment sale and this is going to be a very busy week so I’m thrilled to have a whole bunch of homemade meals in the freezer ready to go!  We’ve been working on eating from our own freezer and stockpile since January and we still have so much stuff left in the freezer that we’re hoping to make it through April without having to make any more large meat purchases.  Of course the menu might get pretty boring before the end of April, but we’re super excited to be keeping our budget down by “shopping” our own freezer and pantry!

MondayBaked Honey Mustard Chicken

Tuesday – Beef Tacos

Wednesday – Lemon Pepper Chicken

Thursday – Sausage & Eggs (breakfast for supper)

FridayDate night – dinner out!

SaturdayBacon Wrapped Garlic Chicken

SundayChicken Nuggets

My meal plan is listed at!


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