Menu Plan Monday ~ March 19th

I'm super excited about getting our garden started with all this beautiful weather we've been having! ย The kids helped us plant several different types of tomato seeds (Early Girl, Better Boy, Cherry and Beefsteak) and they're just thrilled that they're coming up now. ย I'm going to have to sneak in there quick and get them pruned when the kids aren't looking just to avoid any drama ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย I know this looks like a lot of plants but they won't all make it and the kids can eat their weight in tomatoes, plus we love having extra to give away. ย How have you been enjoying this early spring weather?

MondayChicken Fried Rice

TuesdayTyson Breakfast Bread Bowls (breakfast for supper)

Wednesday – Yoshida Chicken

Thursday – Crescent Wrapped Hot Dogs

FridayDate night – dinner out!

SaturdayChicken Rollatini

SundayChicken Nuggets

My meal plan is listed at!



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  1. Timothy Shea says

    I adore spring a lot. This sunny weather makes me so happy. This is an great time to plant your favourite plants. I gonna do it too. Some seeds of flowers as petunia, tomatoes and cucembers. Can’t wait when the weather will be more sunny than now.

  2. Will actual tomatoes grow from those small cups?

  3. No – they won’t ๐Ÿ™ What we do is start the seeds in the small cups (with holes poked in the bottoms for drainage) then we prune each cup back to one or two seedlings each. Once they get a little bigger we’ll start moving them outside during the day and then when they’re strong enough we’ll plant them in the garden. My parents do like to grow tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets and have good luck with that method. They have a small yard and the buckets allow them to move the plants around and even back inside when necessary.

  4. Ok I got a little excited. I thought I could put some cups around my kitchen and have tomatoes. I’m too lazy to do real gardening.

  5. Ha! You crack me up Shebella ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll save you some of these for the next time you’re down this way!

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