Menu Plan Monday ~ July 25th

My little brother and his family left this morning after a two week visit – now that their vacation is over, maybe we can relax a bit 😉  I had planned to do the roast beef in the crockpot last week but we ended up having a pizza party at mom and dad’s instead so it’s back on the menu this week.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the entrees will all come directly from the freezer (Yay!) and all but the Chicken Kiev were prepared in advance on our freezer cooking days.

Monday – Baked Herbed Chicken

Tuesday – Crockpot Beef w/Potatoes & Carrots

Wednesday – French Toast

Thursday – Chicken Kiev (BOGO last month at Publix)

Friday – Sandwiches

SaturdayHash Brown Casserole

Sunday – McDonalds

My meal plan is listed at!


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  1. I read about the freezer cooking, but still am a little wary.. any tips? Your menu sounds YUMMY

  2. I’ve actually only done two rounds of freezer cooking so far, and you know I don’t spend a heckuva lot on groceries in the first place, but I am AMAZED at how much more we’re saving by doing the meal planning and freezer cooking. I will definitely be posting more about it 🙂

  3. OOH please do!! I will be on the lookout 80) Thank you!

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