Menu Plan Monday ~ February 13th

According to an email that I got from Sprout Robot, it’s time to start planting tomato seeds this week in my area so I’m on a mission today to go buy some.  Although you can upgrade your account for a fee, I use the free service and really dig it.  You just put in your zip code so the Sprout Robot can figure out what grows in your area, then you check boxes of things you want to plant and they email you when it’s time with directions.  I’m using the last of our frozen green beans from last year’s garden for this One Skillet Chicken Dinner and I’m excited about getting a tiny little start on a new garden this week.

MondayLemon Chicken

Tuesday – Beef Tacos

WednesdayEasy One Skillet Chicken Dinner

Thursday – Crescent Wrapped Hot Dogs

FridayDate night – dinner out!

Saturday – Grilled Tilapia

Sunday – Sandwiches

My meal plan is listed at!


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