Menu Plan Monday ~ August 2nd

I’ll be leaving Wednesday night to head to BlogHer in NYC – I’m SO excited.  Every minute of the three days that I’ll be gone is packed, so it’s not like it will be a vacation or anything, but I haven’t had a vacation in seven years and I haven’t been away from the kids for six years and I’m planning to enjoy it while I can 😉  My husband and mother-in-law will be taking care of the five young’ns while I’m gone and the hubby has dinner duty so we’re keeping it simple and easy this week.

Monday – Rigatoni & Chicken

Tuesday – Gortons Grilled Shrimp & Rice

Wednesday – Sandwiches

Thursday – Fast Fix’ns Chicken Nuggets

Friday – Mini Cheddar Sliders (from freezer cooking day!)

Saturday – Hamburger Helper

Sunday – McDonalds

My meal plan is listed at!


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  1. Have a wonderful and safe time!!

  2. “Sunday – McDonalds”
    haha, love it!

  3. Every Sunday this summer it’s been on the menu for the trip back and forth from mamaw’s – that’s going to change when school starts, hope the kids don’t freak!

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